Learn how to effectively use Blender to create realistic 3D product visualisation.

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Start learning the basics of Blender's interface and tools. Throughout this course, we will set up the foundation for creating realistic renders.

  • Learn how to navigate Blender.
  • Get set with the basic modelling tools
  • Learn how to apply image textures to your models.

Course Duration: 4 hours 

Lessons: 65 Lessons

Type: On-demand video

Course Curriculum


Package Visualisation

  • Learn how to model simple shapes
  • Create embossing and debossing
  • Create stunning packaging renders

Course Duration: 1h 20m +

 Lessons: 20 Lessons

 Type: On-demand video

Learn the basics of modelling simple shapes using hard surface modelling.

Learn how to curve objects easily using modifiers.

Create metallic materials by mixing multiple materials.

Course Curriculum


Vol 3: Wine/ Whiskey Visualisation

  • Learn how to¬†use sub-division modelling workflow
  • Build upon your skills to and create multi-layered materials.
  • Learn¬†how to create intricate details.

Course Duration: 2h 20m +

Lessons: 27 Lessons

Type: On-demand video

Learn how to create details using displacment.

Use textured lighting to create a gradual falloff.

Create a realistic lighting setup for your wine renders.

Course Curriculum

Bonus Courses

Project: 001. Wine Bottle

Course Duration: 1h +

Lessons: 13 Lessons

Type: On-demand video

Project: 002. Wine Bottle

Course Duration: 1h +

Lessons: 5 Lessons

Type: On-demand video

Project: 003. Wine Bottle

Course Duration: 40m +

Lessons: 4 Lessons

Type: On-demand video


Vol 4: The Art of Lighting

  • Learn¬†the basics of how light works in Blender
  • Create multiple lighting setups
  • Learn how to composite using Blenders Compositor

Course Duration: 1h 20m +

Lessons: 18 Lessons

Type: On-demand video

Light cosmetic products.

Learn the basics of how light works in Blender.

Learn how to use light linking with Blender's latest version.

Course Curriculum


Modelling Essentials

This course will dive into the fundamentals of modelling, building on what we already know. This course is designed to expand your skillset so you have the ability to model anything.

Course Duration: 4h 20m +

Lessons: 54 Lessons

Type: On-demand video

Learn clean topology with subdivision modelling.

Add geometry nodes and animation to your skillset to create arrays and condesation.

Run away with two more projects to add to your portfolio.

Course Curriculum


Intermediate Modelling

Delve deeper into the world of 3D modelling with this course. Building upon foundational knowledge, it equips learners with advanced techniques, enabling them to model any object with precision and confidence.

Course Duration: 4h 32m +

Lessons: 38 Lessons

Type: On-demand video

Add boolean modelling to your toolbox.

Create procedural shaders and materials for seamless textures.

Light and render five different scenes.

Course Curriculum


Advanced Modelling

Learn how to create advanced subdivision models inside Blender

Course Duration: 13h 25m +

Lessons: 136 Lessons

Type: On-demand video


As we are still developing this course, there are some other modules that are still making their way to the course.

 5 - Topology Overview (Coming Soon)

This course will dive into the fundamentals of modelling, building on what we already know. This course is designed to expand your skillset so you have the ability to model anything.

 7 - Advanced Modelling (Coming Soon)

In this course, we will recreate an Xbox controller from scratch using all our learned skills.

Animation Fundamentals (Coming)

Learn how to create simple animations to elevate your product renders. We will learn the Basics fundamentals of animation, and then learn to apply them in Blender.

 9 - Visual Effects (Coming)

We will start to learn how to use particles, cloth and other simulations. We will also take a deeper dive into geometry nodes.


Discord Community

Join me and many others to share your work and gain feedback from like-minded artists.

Project Files

We give you all the assets you need to follow along with us. We don't want you to miss out on the fun.

Product CGI is Hard.

Especially as a beginner, like yourself. There are a ton of workflows out there, and it can be very confusing for a beginner just trying to get a handle on the basics.

That's why the Product Visualisation Masterclass was created.

This course is an incredibly in-depth guide to product CGI, designed for beginners to help them understand the process of creating beautiful scenes in Blender and other industry-standard software.

This course is different.

Blindly following instructions isn't a very effective way to learn.


Master Product Visualisation was designed so that you aren't copying a scene another artist made. Each student will have time after each lesson to go off on their own and use what they learned to create their OWN art, unique to them.


Hunter Wearne

Graphic Artist, Motion Designer and Teacher

Hunter is a freelancing designer based in Australia with a diverse portfolio of work that includes graphic design, logo animations, and more. He has been using Blender for four years and has extensive experience teaching the software to others. To date, he has trained over 4k students in its use.



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